3 Reasons Why People Come to Greater Works

As I evaluated the purpose, vision of our church, and who are the people that God has called to be a part of our congregation, it became very obvious why people attend Greater Works Church. Over the years it has become very evident why people attend and become covenant families and partners. I have identified 3 main reasons why they keep coming back: the Presence of God, the Prophetic Word, & the Power of God.

The Presence of God

The presence of God is experienced by the way our worship service is designed, we endeavor to set an atmosphere of worship. We don’t place a time on the worship, we flow with the Spirit of God. People call out to God and they experience His presence. This is what I meant about having a true worship experience.  We are truly in His presence because the focus is all about Him and there is no time or a rush for the worshippers to worship God.  People come to experience that. Our church is like no other!!! People are thirsty for worship and most churches have adapted the hurry-up mentality, one or two songs and they are done, that’s not true worship. True worship allows the worshipers to experience worshipping their Father in spirit and in truth without a time limitation, where they experience God’s presence. True worship brings in the presence of God when His presence shows up, an atmosphere of healing, miracles, and deliverance is release. You cannot get a true presence of God if you are rushing the worshipers to worship.

The Prophetic Word

Once the people experience the presence of God through true praise and worship, from that it leads us to the next experience where people are now ready to hear a prophetic word from God. When the prophetic word of God goes forth, it’s tailor-made for the people that are actually there attending the service, a word from the Lord that touches their hearts. I pray before each service and ask God to speak to my heart and through my heart and into their heart so that the message is directly from Him for each and every person.  Each and every person will leave the service knowing that God spoke to them through the man or woman of God through His word, where they can walk and build their life on the principles or truths of God’s word. From that experience, and since it’s a word from the Lord, He backs it up with the demonstration of His power, & His people are then empowered to live godly and fruitful lives.

The Power of God

We see people coming to our church to experience God’s power. Jesus said that we would do greater works, so people come to Greater Works Church with hope in their eyes to see a miracle, to see God’s power go into operation for their particular situation and circumstance.  Whether it is healing, deliverance, or breakthroughs. Through the power of God, they will know that He is a healer, He is a deliverer, He is compassionate and He still loves them.  He is not the one attacking them or putting sickness on their body.  Everybody is looking for the Power of God and eventually, they will know that they can find it here at Greater Works Church.

In John 14:12-15, He says “greater works then these shall we do” He casts out devils, He raised the dead, He healed all the sick.  People will eventually come to a church like GWC where all are being healed, all are being delivered, and all are being blessed.

In conclusion, our focus is doing church like no other, doing church like Jesus said and staying true to what He said is what this church is all about.  The Father is seeking true worshipers.

Dr. Chris Jenkins
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