Church History

pastors-houseGreater Works Church (GWC) was founded by Dr. Chris and Julia Jenkins in November of 1997 and the first services were held in their home.  On January 4, 1998, God opened a door for the relocation of the services to the Embassy Suites in Temecula. Six months later, the church procured a three-year lease for a facility located at 40880 County Center Drive in Temecula, CA.



As the congregation continued to grow, the need for a larger facility became evident. God met the need by orchestrating the church’s move to a building situated in Murrieta on McAlby Court in December of 2001. This move marked the development of GWC’s community outreach programs which steadily grew and evolved in response to the needs of the people. During the ensuing years, hundreds of lives of children and adults were impacted spiritually and materially by these programs.


In 2003, GWC sponsored a program which taught on the inner mcalbybeauty young women possess and God’s plan for their lives. The women participants received positive information which helped to improve their poor image and low self-esteem. This program was entitled “A Princess Within.” Soon thereafter, God’s Total Woman (GTW) ministry was birthed and provided a forum where women of all ages, could gather for Christian fellowship, receive dynamic teaching on biblical truths, and experience an encounter with God.

During 2006, two programs designed to meet the critical needs of residents in the surrounding communities were developed: Backpack Outreach Program and Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Miscellaneous school supplies, clothing, an array of prizes which included boys and girls bicycles, computers and much more; have been given out since the inception of the Backpack Outreach Program. Each year, families received enough food to prepare several meals during the Thanksgiving Holiday season. The items given included canned goods, dry goods, and a turkey and/or a gift certificate to shop at the local supermarket.

Greater Works Church Building

On December 28, 2010, GWC purchased its current building which is located at 25823 Jefferson Avenue in Murrieta and the Food Bank and Clothing Bank were implemented. Nutritional food items ranging from fresh produce to rice, cereal and flour are given out on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. New and used clothing in excellent condition, are available free of charge to those in need. All of these programs continue to thrive, thanks to the GWC volunteers who effectively use all available means and resources to minister to the people who request assistance.


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