What To Expect

When entering Greater Works Church, you can expect to be welcomed and greeted with smiles and

hugs because we are a church family that believes in loving one another.  Be prepared for an atmosphere that will be saturated with freedom, joy and love. You may see people laying prostrate, kneeling before God at the altar, or interceding throughout the sanctuary.

Be prepared to participate in radical praise and heartfelt worship, led by our prophetic Praise Team and our worship dance ministry. Don’t be surprised by the shouting, dancing, singing, running, jumping, laughing or even crying that will go forth as a sweet-smelling sacrifice to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We don’t believe in sitting down on God, so we follow the unction of the Holy Spirit which can lead to out-of-the box celebration, speaking in tongues, prophecy, and even healing and deliverance. We have experience many miracles and healing during our services.

We invite you to join in, so please come ready to lift your hands and hearts to God!


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